What we do…

CaJe Creative Group is an independent, Vancouver based studio that provides innovative solutions for marketing communications, object and architectural photography, and the management and preservation of analog and digital archives. Established in 1997, we balance our time between creating strategies for our clients to achieve their unique branding, advertising and preservation goals with our passion for making art objects and installations. Driven by curiosity, our interdisciplinary practice is always incorporating new methods and innovative tools to produce solutions that exceed client expectations.

Cam Andrews – Creative Director, Principal
Jessica Bushey – Photographer & Archivist, Principal
Title of presentation at PhotoMedia2018

PhotoMedia 2018

At the end of March, Jessica presented her research on trustworthy social media images at PhotoMedia 2018 in Helsinki, Finland. Every two years, PhotoMedia brings together photography theorists, artists, scholars and journalists to explore emerging issues in the area of visual culture and research. The theme this year was the “Post-truth Condition” and participants discussed […]

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